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Data Loss?

If you lose your data today will you be in business tomorrow?

Research shows that 90% of companies that lose there data in a disaster are out of business within two years.

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CodeBlue Networks is one of central Indiana's premier consulting firms.

 We specialize in real-time remote data backup system solutions that ensure business continuity.

If your computer system fails today, will you still be in business tomorrow?  As businesses rely more and more heavily on computers the need to protect their data increases. It is a fact that 90% of businesses that lose their data go out of business. As computer usage increases so do computer threats. On-line threats like viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, hackers, and terrorists are increasing exponentially. Cyber crime, hardware failure, human error and natural disasters like fire and flood happen everyday. You can hide your head in the sand and say it won't happen to me or you can protect your business.

You have alot of people depending on you to keep your business safe and operational? Code Blue Networks allows you to store your data off-site and out of harms way. We do this by backing up your data securely over the internet to our bank of secure, reliable backup servers. Once setup the backup process goes on in the background.

Code Blue Networks is a Computer Network Service and Integration Company, Providing Specialized On-Site Network Design & Integration,
Sales and Support for Small to Medium Size businesses in the Indianapolis, Indiana & Surrounding communities since 1990.