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BackUp Services

Increased reliance on data, combined with exponential growth in the amount and type of data stored, processed, and utilized by businesses adds to an already heavy burden on IT operations and personnel of all businesses.  Code Blue Networks backup services can relieve some of that burden by providing our resources and expertise to manage your data backup and recovery plan.

Code Blue Networks, LLC
utilizes a remote backup and restore system consisting of a client
and a server.  Our system operates unattended and automatically to regularly save critical data off-site. 
A scheduler launches the client, typically at night when computers are not being used.  It then compresses and encrypts the backup files using a choice of encryption methods and key lengths:

  • DES
  • TDES-128
  • AES-128
  • AES-256
  • Blowfish (up to 448 bit key length)

Backup files are then sent off-site to the Code Blue Networks servers securely through the internet.  Code Blue Networks backup system has failsafe features, and conforms to current standards and best practices.